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About Our Podcast

SHAPING THE SHIFT podcast is a pod about change & uncertainty, for dreamers, creatives, and folks who want to get free. Facilitated by artist-healer, Thea Monyee’, SHAPING THE SHIFT creates a joy-centered, vulnerable space to explore the flesh beneath the genius of creatives and dreamers, and learn to navigate the shifts that come our way. 

Of course, this means SHAPING THE SHIFT is built on community. Our Shift Shapers (listeners and supporters), our GameChangers and EnergyShifters (guests), and our sister-cousin podcasts are a valued and central part of creating a space for authentic conversation, and the innovation that is sure to follow.

We are excited to welcome you to the Shaping The Shift family!

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Maintaining a successful podcast requires TONS of support! From sharing episodes, to online engagement, to donations and sponsorships, all forms of support are invited and appreciated!

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